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Great idea, shame its so short though, i mean, you could make a whole friggin intricate plotline in a 60 min movie about that guy, don't let this idea slip, and do something about it fast because it won't be long before somebody snaps up this idea and you get diddley squat!!!



That was awesome! Your animations are always the best in quality, and make me laugh! You're the best animator i know, and my favourite clock, lol this should get another badge under your cc avatar!

RupeeClock responds:

It probably will do, participation in the very least.


Yay! 360 is the best! PS3 is the devil! Microsoft will buy Playstation if it doesn't make enough profit anyway! My friends PS3 broke down, they put too much into a little box, they copied Xbox Live, and the 80GB hard-drive sucks because it isn't removable, and it's hard to even fill it with 80GB of media, the only positives are the 6 axis controllers and blu-ray disks! Nuff Said!
Great Flash!

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This game has heaps of potential, no joke, but there is some serious problems to be fixed. The spelling and grammar in this game is horrible, some easily notable things include:

- "shoot severial icicles to freeze enemies"
- "Laser is very powerful weapen, but it will takes more time
to load"
- "Crash Down a Enemy will get 3 times Experience and Money
than usual"

And there's heaps more throughout the whole game! I was also confused that this would be a 'Armor games' game", some quality issues did not add up. I mean, you could of added a more flashy menu and a background when you are fighting. And adding to that, when the boss appeared he suddenly flew away, was that meant to happen? But otherwise, I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game, and hope to see more from you!


-Good Start-

The Positive bit:

This was great, just work on your animations and buttons, remember, the better the quality, the better the ratings. And maybe you should try doing the normal template of torture games by having all the options along the side of the screen, etc.

The Negative bit:

It's kind of hard to explain but I noticed that when my mouse had accidentally strayed over different features of the characters in different parts eg. during the 'annoy' bit, when bootsy eyes go big and white, if you mouse is over one of them, it turns into the hand (the one that means if you click on it something will happen). Finally don't say the old "don't blame me if it's crap" cliche, i mean who friggin created it!!!! You should be proud of your Flash!!!!!!!!


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